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Hi! I'm Tammy Gibson!


My entrepreneurial journey has been a series of edits, full of unique and wonderful opportunities, pivots and experiments. Each new experience led to a deeper understanding of who I am as a businesswoman, the purpose I am here to fulfill and the women I am here to serve.


I began online as a fashion boutique owner. When I started blogging as a way of marketing my boutique, I fell in love with the power of blogging. 

This led me to selling the boutique and blogging full time for 13 years.


The content I shared empowered moms to not lose themselves in the role of motherhood. I shared how beauty and fashion are a form of self-expression and it is an act of self-care to maintain your individuality when you become a mom and wife.  

I had the best time growing my personal brand and business knowledge during this phase of my career.

I had so many wonderful experiences with that blog.


  • I traveled to places like Paris, Chicago, New York, Boston, San Francisco, LA and Detroit for blogging gigs. 

  • I was part of a pilot TV show 

  • I styled women, as well as a local rock band

  • I served as a consultant to brands wanting to increase their influence in the marketplace

  • I served as an ambassador to many fashion and beauty brands

  • I worked with the best companies in the beauty and fashion industry as one of the original mom fashion bloggers.

  • I’ve been featured in magazines and modeled for major corporate brands.​​

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Due to industry changes, mostly related to the powerful presence of social media and how it changed the blogging industry, I shifted.

During my blogging career, I became quite intrigued with personal branding, messaging, and the power of women who show up for themselves.

Never before in my life, had I experienced the power of women on a mission. It is so exciting (thank you internet)!

Using my skills and knowledge of the online entrepreneur space, I began to help other women create a captivating brand vibe, that was unmatched by others, so they could create greater visibility and recognition for their business.


Heading into my second-half of life, I am passionate about using my skills to help other midlife women, just like you, show up confidently in their businesses so that they become financially independent and live an extraordinary second-half of life.

Over the years, I've  become super clear about my goals, dreams, what I wanted for my business.


This clarity was a game changer for me.


What I am against...

  • I'm against being a slave to social media.​

  • I'm against strategies that don't align with my values or the way I want to run my business.

  • I'm against building a business based on profits alone.

  • I'm against swipe-files and impersonal business strategies.


What I am for…


  • Designing a business model that fits my life, not the other way around.

  • Doing the work that I’m passionate about, not the work that leaves my soul on empty.

  • Working with people who want to up-level.

  • Being detail oriented and providing excellent service.

  • Creating individualized experiences for my clients.


Having this understanding helps me make powerful decisions that are right for my business and my life.

Join me on this journey of creating your own powerful online coaching business.  I'd be honored to serve you.



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Other Fun Facts About Me:

I am a God-loving, coffee-drinking, heel-wearing wife, mom and oma. 

I am sunshine mixed with a little hurricane.


I love Edgy Elegance style. Denim with heels, a blazer and a little bling is my go-to style.


I am an ISFP which means I am inspired by connections with people and ideas.  In fact, bringing people together is my passion.

I love my family with every cell in my body. They are my everything.

I believe in the power of prayer and am always available for your prayer requests.


I believe in living life with a spirit of excellence.

I believe that every woman has the ability to create financial independence.

If you are on a similar frequency, we are sure to be fast friends!

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