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it's not too late to create an

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You’ve been dedicated to your family and community life for many years, and now, it is time to move into a place of personal and financial growth so you can set yourself up for an extraordinary second-half of life.


It doesn't have to be overwheming.


Really, I promise.

take a breath, calm your mind

Listen close, my midlife friend, this might be the most important thing I say on this page...


Your life is not over... you're not destined for days on the porch in a rocking chair.

You don’t have to resign to choosing between bingo or book club with the nice ladies at your church!


The myth of life being over after 50 is radically untrue!


It’s not too late to create the extraordinary life that you’ve been dreaming of.


As a woman in her midlife, you feel a sense of urgency and desire for more in this next season of life!


You want to feel in control of your future, feel valuable and witness the impact of your work!

I have the best news for you

We can do this together, in a way THAT WORKS FOR YOU. 


There has never been a better time for you to go after your dreams!


  • Your kids are independent. 

  • You have life experiences to support your endeavors.

  • You have wisdom to guide your actions.

  • You have a deep sense of self-awareness (and you are finally at the time in your life where you don’t care what others think of you).

  • You value relationships more than any other time in your life.

  • You have God-given passions that you've previously been too busy to use.

  • You know what you want, you are just unsure how to get it.


You also know that retirement age is fast approaching and you don’t want to rely on your 401K or social security to support your lifestyle (because what if it doesn’t??).


Building an online business is one of the most flexible ways to create the second-half lifestyle you desire.

But, it takes intention.


You know from your own life experiences that the only way to build something that lasts is by having a strong foundation.


The same is true for business. If you want it to provide for you for years to come, you need to set the foundation.

That begins with your brand

A strong business foundation is built with a brand that has purpose beyond profit, showcases your personality and helps to create a community that believes in your message.

You simply can not swipe file your brand because it should be as unique as you!


It’s time to get started! 


I hate to be the bearer of bad news but I’ll do it if it gets you movin’...


Consider how quickly the last 10 years flew by (you experienced that too, right??) … if you don’t start now, you may find yourself pinching pennies and rocking on your rocking chair wondering why you didn’t start that business.


Push your insecurities aside and put your passion to work!  


Create an online business that you love so you can create the extraordinary life you dream of!

It's your time! Make your statement!

about me
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About Me

Hi, I’m Tammy!


I’m here to help you live an extraordinary life by building a fulfilling business!

I know what it's like to want to feel valuable, powerful, and in control of your incredible life.

My journey took me down a crooked path to ultimately owning an online business that gives me time and financial freedom so I can choose how I want to spend my days.


You can have that, too.


Where do we start? We start with creating your unforgettable brand vibe.


As midlife women, we still desire an exciting, stimulating and passion-filled life. Am I right?

We're past the days of putting our wants, desires and personal goals on standby.


I want to see you fully shine, living that beautiful, fulfilling life that you dream of.

It's not too late!


Click the button to learn the ways I can support you on your journey!



Kristen Young, SelfHealth Coaching

kristen young- testimonial.png

Starting out in a new business, I was feeling overwhelmed and stuck, my messaging and branding was all over the place.


I felt defeated before I was even out of the gate. I feel so blessed I was able to connect with Tammy, not only do we have a love for shoes, her sense of style and passion for business is evident in her work.


She felt my frustration and was calm and patient with me. Always listening and asking the correct questions, guiding me to listen to my voice and use that voice to attract the right clients for my mission.


She was able to look over all my current content and position me in the right direction. Once we established my clear mission, I was able to build my content without stress and build my brand.


She is an expert in her field, has an eye for branding, her ability to listen and see where her clients want to be, is a gift.


Let's Connect

Thanks for connecting!

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