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Craft the Life You Crave

about me
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Life Waits For No One 

It is up to each of us to take ownership of our lives. 


To challenge the status quo.


To create beautiful memories, deep connections, and unapologetically evolve.


We have the power to shift and be who we secretly desire to be.


We can craft the life we crave.

I'd love to show you how (hint: it's different than you think)!

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About Me

Hi, I’m Tammy!

I thought I was on the cusp of living my dream life. Then, my life changed overnight. I barely survived. Rather than let it ruin my life, I chose to let it empower me!


I teach women not to wait for the perfect time to make changes. Instead, make it a priority every day!


It took a near death experience to help me clearly see the urgency of letting go of fear in order to live fully.



Let's Connect

Thanks for connecting!

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