The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Having it All

The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Having it All |
I want it “all”. I’m not ashamed to admit it.

I recently watched the movie “The Intern” with Robert De Nero and Anne Hathaway. It was a story about a young entrepreneur who was struggling to “have it all” and it made me cry when I thought she was giving up the dream of running her business and having a happy family life. Why are women expected to sacrifice one for the other? Why is there this breaking point that keeps so many women from living their dream? It hurts my heart to know that women are losing hope and letting go of their vision because they are told they can’t have it all.

If that is you, then we have some work to do. Let’s start with what “having it all” means.

It is actually quite subjective. Some women do not want children. Others want to be fully involved with their kids and available to drop them off at school and pick them up again. Some want high fashion style, others love their denim and tees. Some want to travel, others are home bodies. Some want to compete in athletic events, others are pleased to stay off of blood pressure medication.  Some women want a 6-figure business, others want an extra $1000/month to help pay the bills.

However, I think we can all agree on this interpretation of “having it all”:

to be happy
to love and be loved
to learn and create
to laugh
to stay relevant
to be financially independent
to be healthy and strong
to feel beautiful
to make an impact on this world.

But, it gets overwhelming just trying to get the laundry done, doesn’t it?

How are we suppose to “get ahead” and have it all when we are barely getting through the day?

Two words.

Simplify. Focus.

We all make ourselves crazy by overthinking and trying to come up with a NEW idea or creative way to accomplish things. Breaking down the steps it takes to get anything done is the best way to accomplish it because you can then focus on one step at a time.

When you simplify, you declutter and eliminate overwhelm.

When you focus, you make the most of the time spent on any given activity.

Do you want to start seeing results in one or more areas of your life?

What is the most BASIC method for achieving what you want?  Focus on that.

For example, you want more love. So, love others as you would want to be loved. When you are kind, respectful and interested in others, you will receive love back.

Let’s break down a few more:

More laughter: be happy with where your life is at right now. Be grateful for all you have. When your attitude is positive, you see more opportunity to laugh in every day situations. In addition, look for opportunities to enjoy little adventures that take you away from your routine. New experiences give you new perspective, increasing your joy for living.

More style: learn to dress to compliment your body type, personality and lifestyle, even if you are a super casual girl. As an entrepreneur, you are representing your business. Look your best. When you like how you look in your clothes, you’ll feel fabulous. Oh, and don’t save your special occasion pieces for a fancy night out; every day is special and worthy of your diamond earrings!

More money: find the business activity that you currently do that makes the most money. Do more of that. You don’t have to get fancy trying to come up with solutions to make your business work. Model your business after those who have proven to make a great income (maybe your upline or another business that you stalk on social media). Duplication is brilliant (just be sure not to COPY).

THEN, use your profits wisely. Reinvesting some back into your business is necessary but be sure to save at least 10% and put it in an interest making account. Watch the magic of compound interest happen! P.S. STOP using credit cards!

Improved health: workout 5-6 times per week, for at least 30 minutes at 50-69% of your maximum heart rate (here is a helpful article: Target Heart Rates). Include weight lifting (here’s why) and be sure to break a sweat! Eat nutrient-rich foods, avoid sugar.  Pretty basic, right?

Stay relevant: be a learner. Read, attend workshops, watch webinars, join a mastermind or hire a coach. Keep learning and growing and your life will morph into something beautiful that you never could have dreamed possible.

Be a good mom and wife: When you are with loved ones, be present. Put down the phone, turn off the TV. Look them in the eye when you are having a conversation. Make the few minutes you have, special and meaningful. Ten minutes of uninterrupted time is better than an evening next to each other with distractions (ahem, electronics) and little interaction.  Plan family meals, where you all sit down together to eat, multiple times per week.

Have a close relationship with God: Communicate with Him. Read your bible daily. Pray constantly.

Having it all is not easy.

But, it is possible.

Define what “having it all” means for you, simplify what you need to get done and take action!

I don’t mean to over simplify what it takes to have a fabulous life but it really is as simple (not saying “easy”) as this. When you do the “basics” consistently and with focus, you’ll find that your life is already pretty amazing. Keep building on that and go for what you want. Sure you’ll have days that are a disaster. Yes, you’ll be tired. Yes, you will have to rely on others. Yes, you will have to get out of your comfort zone but it will be worth it.

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the secret

Get started right now! Life is too short to waste anymore time thinking about “having it all.” Go make it happen!

I am a God-loving, coffee-drinking, heel-wearing, wife and mom living in SoCal and offering up my best tips to help women gain visibility online so they can achieve build the business of their dreams.

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