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When you hit the refresh button on your computer, you bring up the page again with new updates. The information is fresh.

Don’t you wish you could hit the refresh button on some days? How about life?

You are not alone. I used to be just like you in that regards.

I got tired of the day-to-day chore of life.

Love my family, love my friends, love my church but wasn’t so much loving the daily routine I had settled for.  It was just OK.

NO ONE should be OK with having an OK life. Not you, not me!

Refresh means to rejuvenate, stimulate and enliven!  

Sounds exciting, right?

Are you ready to feel alive again? How about energetic and joyful?

So, let’s do it, shall we??

First things first…

Decide what exactly it is that is keeping you living an OK life. This may take some soul searching. In fact, you may need to sit with this for a few days and just let it percolate inside your brain and heart because it is not always a clear cut answer.

Think about these ideas and see if they speak to you:

  • are you physically out of shape? In one of his audio’s Tony Robbins talks about how when you don’t move, you won’t have energy. Feel tired? Get up and move!  Sitting in front of your computer working all day is bad for the brain and the body! The more you incorporate physical activity into your day, the better you will feel physically, mentally and spiritually.
  • are you focusing on one area of life too much? Sorry to say this moms, but if all you do is for your kids, the rest of your life is going to be suffering. Yep, we love our kids but showing them that we can excel in other areas of life will inspire them to do so also! Plus, you want to be healthy so you can live to meet your great-grandchildren so take care of yourself!
  • are you stuck in indecision or “confusion?” This was me, in a bad way. Like, rotten egg stinky kind-of-bad-way. It’s a little embarrassing the lies I told myself but that story is for another day. What I want you to think about is: are you using confusion as an excuse to not go outside your comfort zone?
  • do you reject the ideas that how you look impacts that way you are treated? If so, get over it. Our world is the way it is, right or wrong, and when you take the time to look your best each time you step out of your front door, people will notice.  They will treat you with more respect because you are treating yourself with respect.  No one wants to do business with a slob because when your appearance is messy, the perception is that the way you do business is messy too.
  • do you need to delete some toxic people from your life? Don’t let someone else’s issues impact your life. I know that you already know this. It takes courage to stand up for yourself but once that poison is gone from your life, you’ll think clearer, be calmer and enjoy time with people who will support you. If it is a person that you can’t break off from completely, like a family member, then set boundaries and stick to them!

Once you have determined the area(s) that are keeping you stuck, it’s time to take action! [note: generally, your entire life doesn’t need an overhaul but once you determine the one or two areas that need the most work, and you take action to make it happen, your entire life will be impacted in a positive way. Just try to get fit and healthy and not have more energy for family and career…I dare you!]

Next step:

Now that you have determined what it is that is keeping you down, you need to take out the pen and paper (yep, old fashioned pen and paper) and write all the things you can do to take action and change in that area.

For example, if you want to finally start a home based business, list all the businesses you might enjoy doing. What are you passionate about? What skills do you have? What sounds fun to you? Don’t edit yourself at this point. Don’t even worry about if it is a good idea or not. Just write.

If getting healthy is the area you want to work on, list all the ways you might want to get in shape. Ride your bike to work, join a kick boxing class, walk with friends, etc.

Third step:

Determine which idea is most appealing from the list. Can’t decide? Limit your list to three. Research them. What can you do to get started right now? What action can you take? Write it down. Give yourself a deadline to decide on which idea you will act on.

Fourth step: 

Take action.

Back to the example of starting a home based business… you have a list of ideas. Some are really great. Some are really lame (save those for another day, they may be gold mine down the road!). Pick one or two and start researching the need for this business idea of yours. Interview friends, google search terms people might use when looking for that business idea, take a survey on Facebook, or talk to local business owners.

Take action as soon as possible. Like, today.

Thinking on an idea for too long doesn’t earn you money, look more fabulous, find love or enjoy life more.

It does the opposite, actually. It causes you to doubt yourself, sucking up all the good energy you had when you were first excited about the idea.

To hit REFRESH on your life means to get excited about life again! It means doing something that will give you back hope and joy that you lost along the road of mundane life.

The Four Steps to take:

  1. Decide which area of your life you want to freshen up.
  2. Brainstorm like a mad scientist. Get it ALL out of your system…every last idea from the depths of your soul.
  3. X out what won’t work now and circle your top 3 ideas to research.
  4. Take action! No excuses (you don’t live that way anymore, remember?) Write your actions.

Report your discovers to me ASAP! I am so excited to cheer you on! You can find me on Facebook and Instagram.


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