8 Secret Weapons All Heel-Wearing Women Should Know About


Do you have a love/hate relationship with heels? Me too. I wear them 85% of the the time because I love them so much but on some days, I do wish I owned more flats (shh, don’t tell!).  Finding products that helps comfort my feet is key to helping me wear my heels longer and more frequently.

Here are my 8 secret weapons that all heel-wearing women should know about:

Who is That Woman in the Mirror?

If I asked you, “What’s your style?” could you answer? If you don’t know what your personal style is, it is time to figure it out!

Many of us spend most of our lives not understanding our personal style. We follow trends, copy celebrities (or friends) that we admire, buy outfits off the store mannequin because we trust the sales girls know what they are doing. Then, one day, we look in the mirror and wonder WHO that woman is staring back?

How to Create a Feel-Good Outfit Every Day

How to Create a Feel-Good Outfit Every Day | TammyGibsonOnline.com

When you feel good, you look good. This applies not only to your health and energy, but also to your style!

Your clothes reflect your energy and expectations of the day.  When you take the time to plan a great outfit and it makes you FEEL amazing when you wear it, you will have a winning day. It’s like a good hair day. Everybody knows that when your hair looks good, every thing goes your way, right?  A good outfit day has that same energy.

Transform Your Life and Business With This One Secret

Transform Your Life and Business With This One Secret | tammygibsononline.com

Ever wonder why some women just seem to get ahead in everything they do and they look good while doing it? Sometimes it feels unfair seeing women who are both gorgeous and brainy but starting today, you are going to be one of them. You are going to learn the Secret of Successful Women!

Ready to transform your life and business?

Here’s the secret…