Why Women in Direct Sales Need to Have a Blog

You probably know someone who has a direct sales business.  Young Living, Plexus, Rodan + Fields, MaryKay, Isogenix, BeautyCounter, cabi and Stella & Dot, just to name a few. You probably see these companies all over social media.  You might even be a consultant in one or more of these.  If so, congratulations! It is a great opportunity if you find a company that you believe in enough to take advantage of their opportunity!

The Secret to Social Selling Success: Be Visible and Engaging

The Secret to Social Selling Success: Be Visible and Engaging | tammygibsononline.com

Online business has a reputation for making money fast. Like any business, it takes time for people to know, like and trust you! The benefit is, of course, that you can reach more people around the world by being online but you really have to stand out and be special (and work really, really hard) to become a business success online.

The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Having it All

The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Having it All | tammygibsononline.com
I want it “all”. I’m not ashamed to admit it.

I recently watched the movie “The Intern” with Robert De Nero and Anne Hathaway. It was a story about a young entrepreneur who was struggling to “have it all” and it made me cry when I thought she was giving up the dream of running her business and having a happy family life. Why are women expected to sacrifice one for the other? Why is there this breaking point that keeps so many women from living their dream? It hurts my heart to know that women are losing hope and letting go of their vision because they are told they can’t have it all.

If that is you, then we have some work to do. Let’s start with what “having it all” means.