Be Bold

be bold

Ladies, it is time to stop waiting for good things to happen in your life.

Do you know that YOU have the power to make change? Yes, you!

Your kids are growing, your parents are aging. Life is not stopping. If you don’t make the changes you desire, who will?

No one. Exactly.

Let’s get today going with a commitment to act bold.  It’s time to reinvent your life!

Stop living with the status quo. Isn’t it time you designed the life you really want? The one that you live with enthusiasm, joy and passion? If you can go through your day on auto-pilot, you are desperately in need of bold action (don’t worry, you are not alone! I’m here for ya!)

Think about this:

Don’t just wish for your dreams to come true.

DO something to make it happen.

Take action. One tiny step will get your started in the right direction.

Here are your actionable steps:

  • Pick ONE area of your life that needs some work.
  • Determine ONE thing that you can do to improve that area. Make it bold.
  • Write it on your Daily Clarity Calendar (get it free here) and work on it daily.
  • Stick with it! Here’s the key to success: consistency. If you get frustrated after a short time and give up, you’ll never achieve your goal, no matter what it is! How bad do you want it? Only intense desire and willingness to sacrifice, work hard and stay focused will get you to create change.
  • Repeat with another change you’d like to make.

Need inspiration? Here are 13 ideas. I bet you could do one or two of these…

  1. Improve your relationship with your child. Take him/her to breakfast before school once a week.
  2. Pay more attention to your husband. Call him on his lunch hour to tell him you love him.
  3. Make new, supportive friends. Join a small group at your church.
  4. Learn how to turn your blog into a money maker. Sign-up for an online course.
  5. Freshen up the decor of your living space. Paint the walls.
  6. Get fit. Tone your muscles by lifting weights.
  7. Refresh your look. Cut bangs.
  8. Create more cash flow. Hold a webinar, gain more subscribers and promote your current offerings.
  9. Lose weight. Throw out (literally) all the refined sugar, heavy carbs and frozen entrees that you have in your kitchen. Replace with fresh fruits, veggies, nuts and lean meats.
  10. Declutter your home. Clean out your closet and donate clothes you no longer want.
  11. Relieve stress. Get a pedicure.
  12. Have more fun. Go to a place you used to love going when you were a child.
  13. Get organized. Use your Daily Clarity Calendar (get it here). Every. Single. Day.

Every one of these ideas will create change in your life and others as well!

Be bold enough to believe you can create change, because you can!  If you need encouragement, join me on Instagram and Facebook.


I am a God-loving, coffee-drinking, heel-wearing, wife and mom living in SoCal and offering up my best tips to help women gain visibility online so they can achieve build the business of their dreams.

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