Hey there! My name is Tammy Gibson.

I am the host of this piece of “world wide web real estate” and I help digitally savvy female entrepreneurs to gain visibility online, stand out from the competition and share their expertise with the world with their wisdom, style and personality.  If I have to put a name to what it is I do, I would call it “Digital Marketing Expert” because whether you are blogging, doing video, social media or webinars, you are marketing yourself and your business.

But, I don’t really like having one definitive title, it gives me anxiety because I feel like it puts me in a box.  How about if we just say, I’m your Business Bestie and leave it at that?

I have been blogging for 12 years, enjoying perks like trips to Paris, France, New York City, Boston and many other locations; fashion and beauty samples; professional photo shoots that made me feel like a Blog Star; and friendships from around the world! Blogging is not all fancy and fun but it is sooooo worth the time and effort because it has allowed me the opportunity to work from home and have the flexibility and income to enjoy family time on my own terms!  I’ve dedicated this business to helping other business women learn how to establish themselves online and begin to monetize their influence and expertise.

Aside from blogging, here are a few random facts about me:

  • I love live music. The best dates with my husband are those to concerts!
  • I love high heels. My brand A Mom in Red High Heels was created around that fact.
  • Coffee is in my blood. While I am working on being a responsible coffee drinker, it is really hard to limit my intake to 2 cups a day.
  • Margaritas are my go-to cocktail. The best margarita I’ve ever had was with Cabo Wabo tequila and fresh squeezed orange, lemon and lime juice. It was off the charts fabulous.
  • My entire family is musically talented. Not me, but when they go on tour, I’ll be one great manager for their band and their online presence will be off the charts!
  • I love to work out at the gym.  My workouts are more for my mental health than my physical health but I’ll gladly take the low A1C and cholesterol along with my reduced anxiety!
  • I am easily distracted. Social media is my frenemy. If I seriously want to be productive, my phone needs to be in the other room or I’ll check my Instagram 1000 times a day!
  • I cry during worship practically every Sunday. Music just moves me to tears, I can’t help it! This fact embarrasses my teens!
  • I walk my two fur babies every morning and practice gratitude while we walk. Sometimes, it’s hard because the dogs are stopping every 4 steps to sniff (so annoying!) but I try to keep my cool and my mind on gratitude because the happiest people are grateful people.

So, that’s me in a nut shell. Don’t miss out on the Blog or Bust free mini-course that will help you start your own blog so you can monetize your influence and expertise. Get instant access here.

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