Hi, I’m Tammy Gibson!

I love clothes, fashion, style!  Here’s why:

  • Clothes show the world who you are.
  • You can mix them up to create new looks or wear them in a way that only you would.
  • They can help you feel the way you want to feel (energetic, sophisticated or artistic).
  • Your wardrobe is an extension and expression of your essence.

We wear clothes every day so why not have fun with them and learn to use them to give us an advantage in life?  I want to help you discover your own love for style because, honey, great style can take you places you never imagined going!

I help female entrepreneurs transform their personal style into money-making brands. When you wear clothes that light you up and help you to feel fabulous, you gain confidence and positive energy so that you can do the work that is important to you.

I also love mindset and personal development work. Personal style is more than just the clothing hanging in your closet. Personal style includes your personal appearance, non-verbal communication and mindset. It is a reflection of your inner confidence and is how you present yourself to the world. I believe that your mindset and your belief in yourself, are the foundations for fabulous style. Without a good, positive mindset, you will stay in struggle and frustration and we don’t want that!

Let’s work together to create a custom plan based on your lifestyle, business and dreams.  I have a calling on my life to empower women to step up and take bold, inspired action in their lives and it begins in her closet!

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God-loving, coffee-drinking, heel-wearing, wife and mom offering up her best tips to help women look and feel fabulous so they can achieve their biggest dreams. I believe that your mindset and belief in yourself, are the foundations for fabulous style so all of my coaching programs will have a holistic blend of style and soul.