Tammy S Gibson

Hi, I’m Tammy Gibson. I am the editor and creator of A Mom in Red High Heels.com. I have been building my brand since 2007 and have worked with many fashion and beauty brands to create a space where women can learn about do-able beauty and wearable style so they can feel beautiful and live each day with confidence.

A Mom in Red High Heels

One of my favorite features on A Mom in Red High Heels is my Style and Success Series where I interview entrepreneurs that have created a successful business for themselves. They work to balance family and business, finding a space for themselves that nourishes both their desire to create something larger than themselves and their desire to support their family financially.

These interviews excited me and created in me the desire to share with other women the possibility of starting a business. It sounds so overwhelming, yet is totally achievable if broken down into small, actionable pieces. It breaks my heart to hear stories about my friends, community members and online acquaintances having to go to work every day and missing out on their kid’s activities. It saddens me when families feel the burden of inflexible schedules when I know there is a better way. It brings me to tears when there is a request for prayer for a mom who is struggling with pain but has no other option but to go to work.


As a woman who was brought up in a home of entrepreneurs, I see the advantages of owning your own business. I see the benefits for the family, the potential for income on your own terms, as well as the joy it brings to birth your idea and watch it benefit so many others.

I know that many women are seeking something new; something exciting and rewarding.  Something more than just a way to make money.

Is that you?

Your kids are getting older. Your parents are aging. Your financial needs are changing. Your lifestyle is also changing.

It’s time to hit the REFRESH button on your business and your life.

So, here I am on a wonderful adventure to help women world wide.

My mission is to challenge modern, busy women to live life with clarity and courage. I aim to help you gain greater confidence with your business- from how-to get started, if that is where you are at, to how to grow an existing business. When you do something you love, your entire life changes. You’ll experience:

More love.

More laughter.

More glamour.

More money.

All these things will help you live a more fulfilling life and will have a positive impact on your business!

You can expect to hear me share about becoming the best woman you can be; clarity and how that helps your personal and business productivity; personal style and how it can help you succeed; ways to get organized in life and business; and of course, how to be profitable in your venture.  This space is about girl-time fun (because few things are better than just hanging out with your best gal pals!), helping families become financially secure and building businesses that ultimately help the world to be a better place.

Building your own business isn’t easy. There is a lot of work to do, decisions to make and action to take but with my experience and your enthusiasm, together we can take your life to a new level of greatness!

My Family

Gibson/O'Neill Family

My family is everything to me. My husband, Larry (see his website here) and I have been married for 20 years. Our kids are growing quickly and amaze us every day with their wit, skill and loving hearts.  We have a new son-in-law and love our growing family!

Random Facts about me:

  • I am a child of God and He is my strength.
  • Soy Chai Latte is my comfort drink
  • I love wearing heels, lipgloss and bronzer. They make me feel glam even in my denim!
  • My husband and I love going to concerts together. Some greats that we’ve seen: Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, Sam Hagar, Switchfoot and Third Day. The best I’ve seen is my son playing with the drumline. I love the drumline!
  • Our daughter has Type 1 Diabetes and Celiac disease. You’ll hear me mention it because it is a part of our every day lives.
  • Our family is heavily involved in our local theater.  There is nothing like live theater!

When I am not driving my kids to their many activities or working on my business, I like to go to the gym, walk our 2 dogs and have coffee with my friends.

Let’s Connect!

Social media is a fun way to connect on a daily basis. In between blog posts, you can get get to know me better with my updates, learn how to grow your business with educational tidbits and get motivated with quotes and stories on my social media channels:

Instagram and Facebook are my hangout spots. If you hangout on Pinterest, you’ll find me there too!

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God-loving, coffee-drinking, heel-wearing, wife and mom offering up her best tips for navigating the world of work-from-home entrepreneurship. It is a chaotic, anxiety-producing life that is a blessing and a privilege. Let's take this journey together!